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Lubrizol® PV1119 Brings Market's First GF-5 Licensable Solution for LSPI and Chain Wear Protection

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Lubrizol® PV1119 Brings Market's First GF-5 Licensable Solution for LSPI and Chain Wear Protection

CLEVELAND, April 26, 2017 - The Lubrizol Corporation announces its new Lubrizol® PV1119 additive technology, providing the protection against low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) and premature chain wear that modern engines demand.  Due to the destructive issues that LSPI and chain wear present to gasoline direct injection (GDI) and turbocharged GDI (TGDI) engines, as well as the absence of ILSAC GF-6, the next major passenger car oil specification that has faced significant delay, Lubrizol realized it was critical that the market have a solution under the current GF-5 specification. Lubrizol PV1119 is that solution-and is a direct result of Lubrizol's close collaboration with global OEMs to meet market needs.

"With the increasing prevalence of GDI and TGDI engines, drivers and OEMs cannot afford to wait any longer for LSPI and chain wear solutions," said Martin Birze, regional business manager, passenger car motor oils. "Lubrizol's close working relationships with OEMs led to the development of Lubrizol PV1119, an additive technology that carries the same pedigree as Lubrizol's existing GF-5 portfolio."

PV1119 is the first available additive technology that delivers necessary LSPI and chain wear protection while maintaining GF-5 requirements for fuel economy and durability performance. PV1119 maintains viscosity modifier interchangeability and broad base oil coverage for significant operational benefits, and with Lubrizol's supply and manufacturing advantages, oil marketers can quickly commercialize the robust formulations end users need today.

"One of the hallmark features of this new technology is proven LSPI protection throughout the oil drain interval, an attribute that will be appealing to OEMs," added Birze. "OEMs have made it clear that they need reliable lubricant solutions for LSPI and chain wear. Lubrizol is the first to develop this technology, enabling oil marketers to swiftly meet a critical market need with fully licensable, high performing formulations."

To learn more about Lubrizol PV1119, visit For more information about Lubrizol's additive solutions for LSPI, chain wear and other OEM-specific needs, contact your Lubrizol representative and visit

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