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Lubrizol Rouen Update -- English


All Lubrizol Rouen statements and information can now be accessed here as part of our Lubrizol Rouen site.

Lubrizol Solidarity Initiative for Farmers, Community

On September 26, a fire impacted our Lubrizol production facility in Rouen, France. Our entire company is deeply saddened by the fire and is very sorry for the impact it has caused.

First and foremost, the citizens of Rouen are our neighbors and our friends, and we want to help them, the surrounding communities and the residents of these communities. Last week we announced our intent to provide support through a “Lubrizol Solidarity” initiative. We have been diligently working with local officials and groups to understand where we can provide the most impactful immediate response.

Today we participated in continued conversations with elected officials, NGOs and community groups in order to partner and further define:

  • Support for farmers: Lubrizol is in discussions with the Ministry of Agriculture to provide funding for agricultural loss. More details will be shared soon.
  • Support for the community: We will respond to the needs identified by community committees. Examples include funding for cleaning services, which has already begun, and support of area businesses.
  • Support for our employees: We have confirmed to all of our Lubrizol Rouen employees that they will remain employed and paid in full during our recovery. These citizens of Rouen and their families will continue to be fully supported by Lubrizol
  • Support for environmental testing: Lubrizol is providing funding for environmental monitoring to help alleviate community concerns about the short, medium and longer-term impacts of the fire.

We will continue to share additional details as they are defined. For ongoing Lubrizol updates and frequent asked questions, visit our Lubrizol Rouen website


Emmanuelle Maddocks, (France)

Alicia Gauer,