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Lubrizol Inspiring Beauty at NYSCC Suppliers' Day


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Lubrizol Inspiring Beauty at NYSCC Suppliers' Day

CLEVELAND, May 9, 2018 - The Lubrizol Corporation announces its participation at NYSCC Suppliers' day in New York City on May 15-16.

Lubrizol is inspiring beauty with innovative and effective solutions.  At our beauty store (Booth #710), you can test the latest formulations using Lubrizol's newest ingredients launching in 2018. Travel sample kits will be given to beauty store visitors, while supplies last!

Lubrizol understands there is a need to get to the market faster, so this year we are featuring creative formulated solutions ready for the market. These formulations feature brand new concepts and ingredients launching in 2018.


Expect the Unexpected: The concept engages the millennial generation while satisfying their multiple contradictions. The seven featured formulations will help take care of their skin and hair with a fun game of textures.

A Good Start: Lifestyle, diet and environmental pollution impact the health of skin, scalp and hair. Lubrizol has five formulations designed to improve the health of scalp and hair, target moisturization, and nourish or exfoliate, while improving the look and feel of the hair.

Hair Rainbowtherapy: Follow the rainbow for beautiful and healthy-looking hair with Lubrizol's collection of food-based formulations containing superfood ingredients from each color group.


FIXATE(TM) keratin is a thermal activated hair treatment using non-formaldehyde and non-glyoxylic acid chemistry, validated by salon tests on different hair types. See firsthand how Fixate(TM) keratin reconstructs the hair from the inside during our LIVE DEMOS both days of the show.

CARBOPOL® AQUA SF-3 polymer helps move bath and shower products from shelf to shower with striking visual effects. In addition to effective suspension of eye-catching mica, glitters and scrubs in extremely low viscosity cleansers, Carbopol Aqua SF-3 polymer also enables instant, luxurious lather.

FENSEBIOME(TM) peptide is a new active ingredient developed to strengthen the skin of people exposed to urban environments, who are more prone to suffer from skin sensitivity due to alterations in the skin microbiota and epidermal barrier.

LUMICEASE(TM) blue ingredient is a biotechnological ingredient intended to prevent photoaging by offering the skin triple protection against UF, infra-red and blue light radiations, improving its response to light.

ACTISMART­(TM) extracts are a selection of unique botanicals from around the world prized for their beauty-enhancing, spiritual and natural value, titrated and supported with in vitro efficacy tests.

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About Lubrizol Personal and Home Care

We develop, manufacture and market a broad range of specialty chemicals for skin care, hair care, bath and shower, dish care, surface care and fabric care. Our innovative ingredients and additives modify physical properties, enhance functional performance and deliver aesthetic benefits to drive key consumer product claims. Furthermore, with Active Organics' botanical extracts and Lipotec's peptide-based active cosmetic ingredients, we have strategically expanded our product portfolio and continue to build upon our current capabilities, formulations expertise and global manufacturing footprint to take innovation to the next level. We partner closely with our customers to create winning brands - through our commitment to market intimacy, knowledgeable people, technical expertise and essential, market-driving solutions. Our primary focus is on the needs and demands of our customers and consumers on a global basis. We are persistently committed to "accessible innovation" that directly addresses the market trends and to providing you with powerful, proven solutions so you can Formulate With Confidence(TM).

About The Lubrizol Corporation
The Lubrizol Corporation, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a market-driven global company that combines complex, specialty chemicals to optimize the quality, performance and value of customers' products while reducing their environmental impact. It is a leader at combining market insights with chemistry and application capabilities to deliver valuable solutions to customers in the global transportation, industrial and consumer markets. Lubrizol improves lives by acting as an essential partner in our customers' success, delivering efficiency, reliability or wellness to their end users. Technologies include lubricant additives for engine oils, driveline and other transportation-related fluids, industrial lubricants, as well as additives for gasoline and diesel fuel. In addition, Lubrizol makes ingredients and additives for home care, personal care and skin care products and specialty materials encompassing polymer and coatings technologies, along with polymer-based pharmaceutical and medical device solutions.

With headquarters in Wickliffe, Ohio, Lubrizol owns and operates manufacturing facilities in 17 countries, as well as sales and technical offices around the world. Founded in 1928, Lubrizol has approximately 8,700 employees worldwide. Revenues for 2017 were $6.3 billion. For more information, visit

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