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Lubrizol Earns TOP TIER(™) Diesel Program Approval for Performance Diesel Additives

Lubrizol Earns TOP TIER ™ Diesel Program Approval for Performance Diesel Additives

CLEVELAND, September 26, 2017 - The Lubrizol Corporation announces that its high-performance diesel deposit control additives have been approved for the TOP TIER™ Diesel Program, representing a major milestone in the journey for higher quality diesel fuel in North America. Lubrizol's performance diesel products have been used extensively to treat billions of gallons of diesel fuel across the globe.

Since its establishment in 2004, TOP TIER has been widely adopted for use in the gasoline market in North America to promote higher fuel quality and performance and currently represents a substantial percentage of gasoline sold in the region. The TOP TIER Diesel Program was launched in the first quarter of 2017 by a consortium of major North American diesel original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a similar goal of introducing a higher quality diesel fuel standard in the North American market to meet the growing demands of complex engine designs. TOP TIER aims to do this with several quality specifications centered on detergency, stability, lubricity and fuel cleanliness.

"Today's diesel engines are extremely complex engineered systems and are tasked with meeting demanding targets for power, fuel-economy, emissions and reliability," says Greg Mathes, product manager, downstream fuels. "Fuel quality is critical in ensuring optimum and reliable performance of these engines. Contamination and degraded fuel can cause filters to clog and deposits to form, while fuels with poor lubricity performance can cause excess wear and tear on injectors and fuel pumps."

Diesel injector deposits can clog fuel injectors and internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) can cause injectors to stick and even fail completely, thus precluding optimum performance and preventing the engine from achieving the targets for which it was designed. The TOP TIER Diesel Program has chosen the globally recognized industry standard Peugeot DW10B (CEC F-98-08) and DW10C (CEC F-110-16) engine tests, which have been specifically designed to measure a fuel's propensity to form both nozzle coking and IDID respectively.

"Lubrizol's high performance diesel deposit control additives have been formulated to prevent and eliminate both types of deposits and have demonstrated a high level of performance in both tests," Mathes states. "Additionally, Lubrizol's deposit control additives provide robust performance in Lubrizol's proprietary 6.8L heavier duty engine test, which was also considered during the TOP TIER Diesel approval process, due to its ability to assess internal diesel injector deposits."

TOP TIER™ is a registered trademark for General Motors, LLC.

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