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Lubrizol Introduces New Concepts in Skin Care, Hair Care and Bath & Shower at in-Cosmetics®

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Lubrizol Introduces New Concepts in Skin Care, Hair Care and Bath & Shower at in-Cosmetics®

CLEVELAND, April 4, 2017 - The Lubrizol Corporation is introducing five new personal care concepts at this year's in-Cosmetics® show in London, April 4-6. Attendees visiting Lubrizol booth GG 20 will have the opportunity to learn about the following new offerings:

In skin care, Lubrizol Is introducing Pemulen(TM) EZ-4U Polymeric Emulsifier, an easy-to-disperse, robust and highly efficient solution for providing emulsion stability in skin and sun care products, combining a smooth texture and a pleasant fresh sensory. They will also highlight innovative face color cosmetic formulas featuring the versatility of Avalure(TM) Flex-6 polymer to stabilize a variety of highly pigmented systems, from W/O to O/W emulsions, with soft after feel and comfortable wear.

Lubrizol will also feature a new concept targeting busy mothers that choose to be both 100% mother and 100% woman. Lubrizol assists in making this possible with its latest "WOW MOM" beauty survival kit, offering active mothers an opportunity to indulge and care for their skin, and to have that special moment for themselves every day.

In bath & shower, Lubrizol is presenting a new concept, "Bubbly Break": a unique combination of texture, feel and format. This set of solutions is designed to awaken the senses, bringing relief, energy and fun, through enhanced feel, foam, fragrance and flow. Customers will be soothed by Lubrizol's ultra-mild cream formulated with Carbopol® Ultrez 20 polymer, refreshed by the icy texture brought by Novethix(TM) L-10 polymer in the micellar gel and pampered by their body wash thickened with Glucamate(TM) VLT Thickener.  

In hair care, a new rheology modifier with unprecedented versatility targeting styling applications is being introduced. Carbopol® CLEAR polymer offers formulators easy access to a wide choice of product formats ranging from traditional styling gels with brilliant clarity toward novel product textures, clays and waxes. 

Molecular cosmetics and botanicals is also being promoted in the Skin Care Corner. Lipotec (booth GG 30) will be located in front of Lubrizol.

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The Lubrizol and Lipotec teams are presenting at two technical seminars:

  • Formulating for Sensitive Skin, Tuesday, April 4 at 13:50 -14:20 in Theatre 2
  • Reprogramming the Skin for a Youthful Appearance, Wednesday, April 5 at 11:20 -11:50  in Theatre 2

Additionally, Lubrizol is presenting at the Make-Up bar where they will be highlighting innovative face color cosmetic formulas featuring the versatility of Avalure(TM) Flex-6 polymer to stabilize a variety of highly pigmented systems, from W/O to O/W emulsions, with soft after-feel and comfortable wear.

Finally, the Lubrizol pod in the Sustainability Corner is demonstrating the company's long history of responsible science and current sustainability solutions. A keynote presentation by Marie Ollagnier, strategic marketing manager for Lubrizol skin care, will be held on Thursday, April 6 at 13:00-13:30.  The presentation, entitled, "From petrochemical roots to a sustainable future: how Lubrizol's history, grounded in science, led to our integrated approach to sustainability," will discuss how Lubrizol's formulation expertise and understanding of product lifecycle can provide customers with a unique range of sustainability solutions.    

About Lubrizol Personal and Home Care

We develop, manufacture and market a broad range of specialty chemicals for skin care, hair care, bath and shower, surface care and fabric care. Our innovative ingredients and additives modify physical properties, enhance functional performance and deliver aesthetic benefits to drive key consumer product claims. The addition of Active Organics' botanical extracts and Lipotec's peptide-based active cosmetic ingredients strategically expands our product portfolio and builds upon our current capabilities, formulations expertise and global manufacturing footprint to take innovation to the next level. We are persistently committed to providing you with powerful, proven solutions so you can formulate with confidence(TM).

About The Lubrizol Corporation
The Lubrizol Corporation, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a market-driven global company that combines complex, specialty chemicals to optimize the quality, performance and value of customers' products while reducing their environmental impact. It is a leader at combining market insights with chemistry and application capabilities to deliver valuable solutions to customers in the global transportation, industrial and consumer markets. Lubrizol improves lives by acting as an essential partner in our customers' success, delivering efficiency, reliability or wellness to their end users. Technologies include lubricant additives for engine oils, driveline and other transportation-related fluids, industrial lubricants, as well as additives for gasoline and diesel fuel. In addition, Lubrizol makes ingredients and additives for home care, personal care and skin care products and specialty materials encompassing polymer and coatings technologies, along with polymer-based pharmaceutical and medical device solutions.

With headquarters in Wickliffe, Ohio, Lubrizol owns and operates manufacturing facilities in 17 countries, as well as sales and technical offices around the world. Founded in 1928, Lubrizol has approximately 8,300 employees worldwide. Revenues for 2016 were $6.5 billion. For more information, visit

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